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Kristin’s tenant clients are not typically in the business of leasing. Instead, they are focused on the day to day operation of their business, which is why they turn to Kristin for her 25 plus years of expertise.  For tenant clients, she makes sure that the cost of construction of tenant improvements is controlled by the tenant, the ability to operate the tenant’s business is maximized, and the tenant’s liability is limited. She exceeds expectations by addressing risks clients never considered and making sure opportunities to grow the tenant’s business are fully realized. Yes, leases are that important. Kristin gets the job done to mitigate surprises, deliver advantages and alleviate lease challenges so tenants can do what they do best – grow their business.


For landlord/owner clients, Kristin is adept at delivering lease solutions for any sort of property. For industrial, retail and office properties, Kristin can prepare lease documents to meet an owner’s needs. Beyond preparation, she can successfully negotiate leases with tenants to maximize the landlord’s profit and minimize the landlord’s risk.


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